:: Saturday, October 04, 2003
kiddo @ 4:15 AM
*looks at cobwebs and shrugs

Spots a dried up corpse or two and runs off*

:: Monday, July 14, 2003
mask-chan @ 8:04 PM
*pokes and prodes* This place needs to liven up!!!! *brings in her chained Bishounen: ZHIN* Ohohohohohohohoho. :D I have NEW bishounens too *introduces her new captured Bishounens* Introducing: Yoh, Tao Ren, Horo Horo and Lycerg into ODFM (all from Shaman King). May you wonderful boys have an 'enjoyable' stay here.

Masako soon hears the wailing scream of Fuuma in the basement "WOULD YOU GIRLS FEED ME?! YOU HAVEN"T FEED ME SINCE DEC 2002". Oh dear.......

:: Friday, December 06, 2002
kiddo @ 1:12 AM
*sits in a corner glomping a very irrate Integra Hellsing*


:: Wednesday, December 04, 2002
kiddo @ 9:56 AM
kit: *sighs dreamily*
Clow: O_o;; she's up to something

Welcome to the blog where 6 (at the moment) very seriously in need of help fangurls are drooling over their stash of bishounen ...
1. Reinselft (22) mail
President of the Torture Tats Club and self-confessed Zoro junkie.
Is enamoured by bespectacled manga men. Wishes to own her very own Zoro plushie and lots of money. Not into yaoi but likes a lil shonen-ai now and then.
Runs AcidSPIT

2. Leareth (19) mail
Official scribe of the Torture Tats Club and fanfic mistress with a thing for twisted/psychotic/mean/ angsty/fascinating bishounen over the age of 20, and pairing them up. Favorite pairs are Sumeragi + Sakurazukamori and Secretary x Puppy <3
Runs Echoes from the Void

3. Kit (5,999) mail
Treasurer of the Torture Tats Club, she is madly obsessed with a fruitcake called Clow Reed. Also attracted to other bespectacled meanies like bugs are to night lights. Runs Insomniac Overdrive

4. Metamia (19) mail
A psychotic pimp who has an unhealthy attachment to beautiful men. She is also a rabid yaoi fangirl. Proceed with caution if you are of the bishounen kind.
Runs Part-time Pimp

5. Tsukineko (18) mail
Belongs to Kit's obsession clique one ex-innocent baka neko who has been more than corrupted by certain materials viewed, read & heard. Shounen ai + yaoi fangirl who's imagination ranges to beyond dimensional boundaries. She has an 'unhealthy' obsession with Zetsuai/BRONZE.
Runs Tenshi20xx

6. Masako (19) mail
Genki assassin in training. Enjoys cooking for her bishounen and poisoning them in the process. Currently a Tom Riddle addict. Will murder Warner Bros. if they cast him badly.
Runs Sparkling Cynicism
In no particular order::
-Roronoa Zoro/OP
-Tatsumi Seiichiro/YnM
-Cho Hakkai/Saiyuki
-Sohma Hatori/FB
-Hatake Kakashi/Naruto

-Seishiro + Subaru/X
-Tsuzuki + Tatsumi/ YnM
-Muraki Kazutaka/YnM
-Cho Hakkai/Saiyuki
-Nagisa Kaworu/Eva

-Clow Read/CCS
-Tatsumi Seiichiro/YnM
-Umeda Hokuto/HanaKimi
-Cho Hakkai/Saiyuki
-CT Smith/Zombie Powder
-Dr. Mizuhara/Yamada Taro Monogatari

-Kakashi /Naruto
-Seishirou/TB & X
-Hitokiri Battousai/RK
-Hisoka/Hunter x Hunter
-Muraki Kazutaka/YnM

-Izumi Takuto x Nanjo Koji/ Zetsuai/BRONZE
-Yukifumi/Kaikan Phrase
-Yuki Eri/Gravitation
-Sirus Black/ HP
-Gojyo + Hakkai/ Saiyuki
-Hisoka/ HxH

-Zhin/Furry Art
-Tom M Riddle/ HP
-Touya + Yuki/ CCS
-Trowa + Quatre/ GW
-Seta Soujirou/ RK
-Dilandau/ Escaflowne
The Meifu
The Meifu - Backstage
We're obsessed!!!
The cover boy @ victim of today is Hokuto Umeda from the manga Hanazakari No Kimitachi E. The pretty GAY sensei. So what if he is? He's still a glomp worthy guy XD Design is by Reinselft. Inspired by a Jap fanart featuring this color scheme. Pic source is from READ: Hanakimi an excellent place to start for finding more info about the manga. Layout was designed in Photoshop 5.5 with the aid of NICE brushes from Nocturna.NET Pls do not copy layout.
Legal Disclaimer and Credits
None of us own any copyright in any of the characters mentioned herein except insofar for characters created by us, i.e. Reinselft, Leareth and kit the 5,999 year old monster.
Secondly, none of us take any responsibility for the brain damage or any injury, whether mental, emotional or physical etc. etc. that you may have or may suffer, whether permenant or otherwise, arising out of or in connection or in relation to your reading or knowing or hearing about this Blog. You as the reader also confirm that by reading this blog, you waiver all rights whatsoever arising for any tortious claim you may have against this blog or its creators, whether on earth or anywhere in the universe. You also undertake that you shall not infringe the copyrights that belong to the original owners and that failure to observe this will subject you to a kick in the butt by all the bishounen on this site ...
Thirdly, if you do try to take any legal action against us, one of us is a lawyer and another a lawyer-in-training *sweet smile* Just a warning.

Be nice ... and have a roaring whacked out time with us!


And Umeda-sensei posed
on the bed again